Seventeenth meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC.17)

Geneva, from 24 to 28 January 2022, or online for a total of 9 days between 17 and 28 January 2022


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is not feasible to organize the POPRC-17 meeting as initially planned as a face-to-face meeting in Rome from 27 September to 1 October 2021.

The meeting is rescheduled to take place face-to-face in Geneva from 24 to 28 January 2022, should the situation in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic permit. If the meeting is to be held face-to-face, online pre-meetings will be held from 9 to 12 November 2021.

If the COVID-19 pandemic does not permit a face-to-face meeting, alternative arrangements would be made for the meeting to be held online for a total of 9 days between 17 and 28 January 2022, and no pre-meetings will be held.

The decision on whether the meeting will be held face-to-face or online will be taken by early October 2021, to allow sufficient time for travel and other logistical arrangements.

At its seventeenth meeting, the Committee will consider, among other things, a draft risk management evaluation on methoxychlor, and draft risk profiles on Dechlorane Plus, and on UV-328. The Committee will also consider proposals for the inclusion in Annexes A, B and/or C to the Convention of chlorpyrifos, chlorinated paraffins with carbon chain lengths in the range C14-17 and chlorination levels at or exceeding 45 per cent chlorine by weight, and long-chain perfluorocarboxylic acids, their salts and related compounds submitted, respectively, by the European Union, the Governments of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Canada.  

Other items on the provisional agenda of the meeting pertain to the review of information related to specific exemptions for decabromodiphenyl ether and short-chain chlorinated paraffins, Process for the evaluation of perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, its salts and perfluorooctane sulfonyl fluoride, the review of an indicative list of substances covered by the listing of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its salts and PFOA-related compounds, and the long-range environmental transport. 

Working languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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