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1. Official Contact Points

In accordance with decision SC-2/16, Official communications with Parties and observers, of the Conference of the Parties of the Stockholm Convention, Parties and non-Party states are invited to nominate to the Secretariat an official contact point for the performance of administrative functions and all formal communications under the Convention through their Ministry of Foreign Affairs or their diplomatic missions.

2. National Focal Point for Information Exchange pursuant to Article 9

In accordance with Article 9 of the Stockholm Convention, each Party shall designate a national focal point for the exchange of information specified in the article.  Non-Party States may also designate such national focal points and are encouraged by the Secretariat to do so. These nominations should be submitted through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions or through the Official Contact Point that has been nominated according to decision SC-2/16 (see paragraph 1.)

  • List of national focal points for information exchange (under contruction)
  • Form for the nomination of national focal points for information exchange
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