Reporting Dashboard

Parties to the Stockholm Convention submit information on the implementation of the Convention, as per Article 15, every four years through their national reports.

You can consult each individual report submitted by a Party if you visit the page on national reports.

Parties can submit their national reports through the Electronic Reporting System of the Stockholm Convention .

Different means to visualize data from the submitted national reports is accessible online, in the Stockholm Convention’s Reports Dashboard (see link below).

The questionnaire that Parties must fill in when submitting their national reports served as a basis for the outline of the Reports Dashboard, which is divided into Parts / Sections / Questions. Additionally, general views with aggregated data are also accessible in the “Overview” category.

The Dashboard is interactive: you can choose the reporting cycle, the region(s) of the world and the countries for which you want to see the data. Other relevant filters are also available depending on the questions and tables. It is possible to download data visualized on tables as Excel files.

Please click the button below to access the Reports Dashboard: