First 2022 Meeting of the Effectiveness Evaluation Committee under the Stockholm Convention

Meeting Documents


Items: 12 
Provisional agenda137.12 K 126.25 K
Tentative schedule of the meeting49.13 K 139.18 K
Preliminary report for the effectiveness evaluation of the Stockholm Convention pursuant to Article 161.85 MB 2.62 MB
Third global monitoring plan report14.34 MB 4.47 MB
Report of the DDT expert group on the assessment of the production and use of DDT and its alternatives for disease vector control296.5 K 454 K
Report on the PCDD/PCDF releases reported according to Article 5 and Annex C13.47 MB 3.56 MB
Report on the progress towards the elimination of PCB18.78 MB 3.45 MB
Report on the evaluation of information on perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, its salts and perfluorooctane sulfonyl fluoride164.67 K 523.14 K
Revised draft report for the evaluation and review of brominated diphenyl ethers listed in Annex A to the Stockholm Convention301.18 K 1.03 MB
Workplan and schedule between the first and second meetings of the effectiveness evaluation committee37.44 K 86.22 K
Draft outline of the effectiveness evaluation report42.77 K 120.78 K
Report of the first meeting of the effectiveness evaluation committee103.14 K 271.22 K

Information for participants


Items: 3 
Hotels in Geneva1.31 MB
Covid package - safety measures and protocols 175.42 K
Information for participants172.71 K

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