Meeting of the Regional Organization Groups and Global Coordination Group for the Global Monitoring Plan under the Stockholm Convention

Meeting documents


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UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/1Provisional Agenda52.4 K 100.23 K
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/2Tentative schedule of the meeting67.8 K 127.66 K
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/3Outcomes of the eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention relevant to the work of the global monitoring plan2.54 MB 1.25 MB
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/4/Rev.1Membership of the regional organization groups and the global coordination group82.22 K 183.35 K
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/5Guidance on the global monitoring plan for persistent organic pollutants6.11 MB 4.22 MB
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/6United Nations Environment Programme/Global Environment Facility projects and other capacity-building activities104.69 K 224.16 K
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/7Workplan for the fourth phase of the global monitoring plan80.91 K 127.19 K
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/8Information on the work of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee relevant to the work of the global monitoring plan1.17 MB 744.86 K
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/9Draft report titled “Assessing Regional and National Capacities for Monitoring and Research of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Air and Water”16.85 MB 4.54 MB
UNEP/POPS/GMPGCG/2023/10Report of the global coordination group and regional organization groups for the persistent organic pollutants global monitoring plan on the work of its 2023 meeting259.01 K 358.65 K