Basel and Stockholm Conventions Regional Centres located in Panama (BCRC-SCRC Panama)

Location: Panama City, Panama

Date of establishment: 

SCRC: December 2007 (nomination)

BCRC: COP-14 held in 2019 decided to reestablish Basel Convention Regional Centre for Central America and Mexico subregion (BCRC CAM) in Panama after the closing down of the BCRC CAM located in El Salvador in May 2017.

Hosted by: Centro de Investigación e Información de Medicamentos y Toxicos (CIIMET), an inter-faculty institution under Panama University.

Parties served: Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

Expertise: The Centre has expertise in the area of improving management of chemicals in various aspects, especially in education, capacity building of concerned agencies by improving the techniques and skills resulting in efficient actions.

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Coordinator: Dr. Eduardo Flores Castro
Contact person: Ms. Hildaura de Patino
Telephone: +507 523 49 48
Fax: +507 269 27 41
Address: Calle Manuel Espinosa Batista, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Panamá, 0824-00167, Panama City, Panama

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