Article 12 of the Stockholm Convention, is providing mandate for the technical assistance under the Convention. According to Article 12, timely and appropriate technical assistance in response to requests from developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition is essential to the successful implementation of the Convention.

At the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties, guidance on technical assistance and transfer of environmentally sound technologies was adopted (decision SC-1/15). This guidance establishes the framework for technical assistance under the Stockholm Convention and identifies sources of technical assistance, eligibility, the policy and strategy to follow, and lists needs and priorities.

At every meeting, the Conference of the Parties is adopting a decision on technical assistance providing guidance on implementation of technical assistance activities to all relevant stakeholders for the next biennium.

At regular intervals technical assistance needs of developing country Parties and Parties with economy in transition and the technical assistance available from developed country Parties and others for the implementation of the Stockholm Convention are collected and summarized by the Secretariat.

The results of the technical assistance needs assessment are considered by the Secretariat in the development of the four-year technical assistance plan for the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions. The technical assistance plan is seeking to engage all relevant actors to address these needs in a strategic, systematic and forward-looking manner, and to provide a general framework for strengthened support to Parties, particularly developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition, in their implementation of the conventions. Working with partners has an important multiplier effect on implementation activities.

The technical assistance plan is guiding also the Secretariat’s biannual programme of work technical assistance activities.

Regional delivery of technical assistance is supported by the Stockholm Convention regional centers as well as by the Secretariat’s regional focal points.

For technical assistance requests, please contact Suman Sharma (suman.sharma@un.org) and/or the Secretariat’s regional focal points listed above.