Information for Admission of Observers

The eleventh meeting of the POPs Review Committee is open to:

To participate in the eleventh meeting of the POPs Review Committee as observers:

  •         Parties to the Stockholm Convention; United Nations and its specialized agencies; International Atomic Energy Agency; any State not Party to the Convention; Global Environment Facility; or bodies or agencies that have already been admitted as observers to the Stockholm Convention:

  • Bodies or agencies that have not previously attended a meeting of the Conferences of the Parties or of subsidiary bodies:
    1. Information describing the body or agency;
    2. Information on the affiliation of the body or agency with non-governmental organizations or institutions;
    3. Information on the programmes and activities undertaken by the body or agency / its qualification in matters covered by the Stockholm Convention;
    4. Description of any network or membership system.
    • Upon confirmation by the Secretariat that the requesting body or agency appears to meet the relevant criteria, please return the completed registration form for observers and electronic file of a passport size photograph to the Secretariat before 28 August 2015 by e-mail as indicated above.