Reporting Status

Article 15 of the Convention, requires each Party to the Convention to report to the Conference of the Parties on the measures it has taken to implement the provisions of the Convention and on the effectiveness of such measures in meeting the objectives of the Convention.

Second round of Party reports

By decision SC-4/30, the Conference of the Parties invited Parties to submit their second report no later than 31 October 2010. By decision SC-5/16, the deadline was extended to 31 July 2011. Parties that have not yet submitted their second reports still have the possibility to do so. For more information on the reporting process please consult the page on Second Round of Party Reporting.

All the reports submitted online during the second round of reporting are available for consultation here. A scanned copy of the report submitted by China in hard copies is available for consultation here.

In its decision SC-5/16, the Conference of the Parties at its fifth meeting requested the Secretariat to contact parties that have not reported in order to identify obstacles to reporting.

Here is the completed forms received by the Secretariat on obstacles faced by Parties in submitting the national report pursuant to Article 15.


Belgium14/02/201235.69 K  
Benin12/02/2012 39.3 K 
Bosnia and Herzegovina10/02/201260.09 K  
Congo, Republic of the04/01/2012 36.51 K 
Dominican Republic12/01/2012  26.7 K
Turkey10/02/201237.45 K  

First round of Party reports

Parties to the Stockholm Convention have completed the first round of Article 15 reporting cycle. The deadline for this reporting round was 31 December 2006, which was extended to 31 July 2007 by the Conference of the Parties through decision SC-3/18.

All the reports that were submitted for the first round of reporting are available for consultation here.