PCB Elimination Network

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee oversees the work of the PEN. The Committee meets annually to review the activities undertaken by the PEN and establish the direction for future work of the PEN.

The work of the Advisory Committee includes the following:

    • Develop and periodically review the work plan and activities for the PEN;
    • Endorse the establishment of Thematic Groups and nominate Chairs for each Group;
    • Prepare the budget for the work of the PEN;
    • Establish a strategy for the mobilization of resources to support the work plan of the PEN;
    • Prepare a progress report on the work and future plans of the PEN for the Governing Council of UNEP, the Basel and Stockholm COPs and the general membership for their information and any appropriate action;
    • Prepare the criteria and the process for the selection of awardees and other incentives

The Advisory Committee is composed of 16 representatives from the different categories of stakeholders in the PEN. Ten of the members of the Advisory Committee include two representatives of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention from each of the five UN regions respectively, which have been chosen by the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention.

Advisory Committee Members

The members of the Advisory Committee for 2009-2013 that represent Stockholm Convention Party countries are as follows:

African States
Ms. Stella Mojekwu
Mr. Aloys Kamatari
Asian and
Pacific States
Mr. Jinhui Li
Ms. Sanaz Jafarzadeh
Central and Eastern
European States
Mr. Ion Barbarasa
Ms. Daniela Certikova
Latin American and
Caribbean States
Ms. Anna Ortiz
Costa Rica
Mr. Tara Dasgupta
Western European
and other States
Ms. Pauline Langeron
Mr. Niklas Johansson


The members that represent the other stakeholder categories are as follows:

Mr. Urs K. Wagner
ETI Environmental Technology Ltd.
Holders of PCBs
Mr. Mellon Chinjila
ZESCO Limited
Mr. Hugues Levasseur
Tredi International
Intergovernmental Organizations
Mr. Mohammed Eisa
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Mr. Matthias Kern
Secretariat of the Basel Convention
Non-Governmental Organizations
Mr. Alan Watson
International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)