At COP-4 in 2009, the Conference of the Parties decided to list perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), its salts and perfluorooctane sulfonyl fluoride (PFOSF) in Annex B to the Stockholm Convention (decision SC-4/17).

The risk profile, risk management evaluation and addendum to the risk management evaluation adopted by the POPs Review Committee are available below:

Pursuant to paragraph 4 of Article 21 of the Convention, the amendment was communicated by the depositary to all Parties on 26 August 2009. Reference: C.N.524.2009.TREATIES-4 (ENGLISH | FRENCH). On 26 August 2010, one year after the date of the communication of the adoption by the depositary for the Convention, the amendment entered into force for all Parties, except for those that had submitted a notification of non-acceptance in accordance with paragraph 3 (b) of Article 22 or made a declaration in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 25 of the Convention. Read more about the New POPs.

The registers for specific exemptions and acceptable purpose for PFOS, its salts and PFOSF are maintained by the Secretariat on the Convention website.

The Conference of the Parties adopted work programme on newly listed chemicals including on PFOS, its salts and PFOSF (decisions SC-4/19, SC-5/3 and SC-6/7). The Conference of the Parties adopted the process for the evaluation of the continued need for PFOS, its salts and PFOSF for the various acceptable purposes and specific exemptions (decision SC-6/4).