Expiration and Withdrawal

The specific exemptions under the Stockholm Convention, which are effective for a specific period of time, may expire or be withdrawn.

The specific exemptions listed in Annex A and B expire five (5) years after the date of entry into force of the Convention with respect to a particular chemical, unless an earlier date is indicated in the Register by the Party or an extension is granted pursuant to paragraph 7 of Article 4.

A Party may, at any time, withdraw an entry from the Register for a specific exemption upon written notification to the Secretariat.

No new registrations may be made with respect to a particular type of specific exemption when there are no longer any Parties registered to it, as stated on paragraph 9 of Article 4.

See the expired Specific Exemptions

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Withdrawal from the DDT Register

Parties listed in the DDT register may, at any time, withdraw their name from the Registry upon a written notification to the Secretariat (paragraph 7 of Part II, Annex B).

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Withdrawal of notifications for closed-system site-limited production/use

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