PCB Elimination Network

Thematic groups

Thematic groups are established by the Advisory Committee to deal with specific issues related to the environmentally sound management of PCB and to implement activities as agreed in their workplans. The Advisory Committee members serve as leaders of the thematic groups. Members of the PEN may participate in the activities of any of the thematic groups. The thematic groups’ activities are supported by the regional centres of the Stockholm and Basel Conventions as appropriate. Currently, there are following 4 thematic groups:

  • Inventories: 
    • Lead: Mr. Jinhui Li
    • Co-leads: Mr. Ion Barbarasa, Mr. Aloys Kamatari
  • Maintenance, handling, and interim storage of equipment containing PCB
    • Lead: Ms. Anna Ortiz
    • Co-leads: WEOG representative
  • Disposal of PCB and remediation of contaminated sites
    • Lead: Mr. Hugues Levasseur
    • Co-lead Ms. Sanaz Jafarzadeh
  • Open applications of PCB
    • Lead: Ms. Mihaela Claudia Paun
    • Co-lead: Mr. Urs Wagner

Please click here to access guidance materials developed by the thematic groups.